Light appear

self-deprecating, said: "In fact, he said, also, I really was a waste! Strength of a normal star trainees at 800 kg can be condensed light, so introverted five segments of the top is 800 kg, but I now have 2000 kg, or can not reach extroverted segment, which shows what? Description I did not break up the ability, it seems that I really like that bastard said, is that the School of Seven leaving! "

"A Star! Do not say that!" Lian Xiang Lu anxious almost cried out, suddenly thought of something, rubbing his eyes, leans Young star ear whisper said: "You can not forget, you are our Seven College only a seventh star, if God to abandon you, but how will give you a hundred years Fengyun nobody unclaimed sing it? "Then, even Xiang Yang Lu pulled out of the left arm.

Young star hearts surprised, Lu Xiang looked even encountered on his left wrist, is hidden a similar skull-shaped tattoos, facial expressions That slowly pick up, restore confidence played!

Sousa extremely uncomfortable watching the two ambiguous movements, finger pinch giggle anything. He even Xiang Lu's beauty has long coveted, he thought to himself now assess predictive power of the Star class identity of the first, because of his own father Su Liwen face, get even Xiang Lu easy, I did not expect many confessions are Lucy Gordon was even ruthless denial, plus even Xiang Lu spotted turned out to be a famous school waste Young Star, which made Sousa angry, anxious to immediately put the Young Stars crippled, and then even Xiang Lu to hard to do!

Think of this Li Suze shines, which, after all, a way ah!

After assessment year, it will be a two-month summer vacation! All grades students and teachers must be prepared to leave school to go home, as the results will be assessed by the return of the holidays 'new school capacity assessment meeting', also known as the opening ceremony enacted.

Seven schools have come a year, just before the summer holidays strength assessment is an ultimate assessment year, the equivalent of the final exam, like other stars of classes do not know how it is, but the Young Stars know that he is out of strength class the only one segment at a basic introverted person, other people, without exception, all putting up a foundation segment, forced out of office already Yun cohesion force light, although the color of each one, but it is always there!

Young star's hands who no matter how hard, do not have any light appear, do not wait for school he already knew that he was the star power of the final assessment of a class!

Back to the hostel, Yang Xingyu boring sitting in bed

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your brother

 Xiao leap as good as dead as alive.

    County office of the secretary of like a revolving door, for years one after another, but he was still in front of Chief, that when it became a full eight years.

    Until two years ago, Zhu Yiming and he said those words.

    Yuejin, I do not know how you set up your own way? Why do you always do this half-dead no joy of life? I am your brother, you should now Ae talk about it. Zhu Yiming, deputy director of the county is still time.

    ...... Xiao leap that make their hearts do not want to mention the name of blood.

    Yuejin, you say say? Even if you do not say, then I put you see to be a coward Zhu Yiming. Hard decisions you have in mind, and perhaps I can help you solve a problem. Zhu Yiming eyeball staring at him.

    I, I just want to hurry through the end of this life, I no longer have any hope of life ...... Xiao Yuejin said stubbornly.



    Because of what? Love? What other fight? Say it! Zhu Yiming pound the table it.


    Say ah! You say say ah! You dumb ah! Zhu Yiming furious, thinking never seen such a man like a listless Palestinian child.

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destined to cast

Since Ding Xiaoling Liu Mazi left him and married, he seems to have lost all hope for, when his only idea is to quickly find a way to make him leave Wenggu Ling woman, he did not want to handle every day there with Liu Mazi and Ding Xiaoling show affection in front of their own, otherwise, he felt he would kill. Just was introduced PLANT RESOURCES, said his uncle in the city when the Secretary-General, there is a way to get him to leave Wenggu Ling. So he said yes without thinking. The man said, but the girl only junior high school, he said I could. The man said the girl looks in general, he said, all right. The man said the girl's home conditions are not good, he said no problem. He did not know that a nod, destined to cast him and PLANT RESOURCES life tragedy. And PLANT RESOURCES married, PLANT RESOURCES uncle, he will be transferred to the county office either a comprehensive chief, gave his career a new way to split open. However, PLANT RESOURCES wedding day and night, he shed tears of night. PLANT RESOURCES one saw him, took him as his own day, she likes him because he handsome and talented, no matter how Xiao leap snubbed her, she can endure, but in this stand, her temper more and more irritable.

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reach the outer shine

see Young Stars took office, nodded at him, facing the audience, sonorous voice, said: "assessment begin, students Young Stars punch with your most powerful attack force assessment Miriam! "

Young stars take a step back, take a deep breath and looked Evaluator eyes burning, suddenly screaming, praying for the right fist, with the greatest effort to assess Miriam greeted in the past,

Just listen to bang, Evaluator upper huge numbers on the screen flickering, two seconds later, ultimately fixed in the number 2000 on top.

Young Stars and stern while faint sigh.

"Students Young star, fist force 2000 kg, will be restrained five segments of order!" Severe deadpan, loudly shouted down below.

"Haha, it really is waste, 2000 kg can not reach the outer shine extroverted paragraph, I said Young stars, you still go home early, do not waste your parents here hardly worth the effort of!" Seize the opportunity to immediately verbally Sousa irony.

"Sousa, you do not be too much!" Lian Xiang Lu outraged.

"Forget it!" Yang Lian Xiang pulled out step down dew

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Under the eyes of the macula

Wait for the next wash ...... Xiao leap close your eyes, imagine Ding Xiaoling her look. Ah ...... PLANT RESOURCES did not say anything, wash hands with water, wipe dry, they followed Xiao leap to the bedroom, they saw a Xiaozuo Lin said, Mom and Dad, you sleep ah? We have something. PLANT RESOURCES said, you hurry to do the job. They came to the room, Xiao leap out the lights. But PLANT RESOURCES confused lights on, puzzled look at him, how are you today? Lights the imagination of America destroyed all, PLANT RESOURCES mediocre face immediately exposed in the eyes, as well as under the eyes of the macula and PLANT RESOURCES bewildered eyes, mercilessly crushed Xiao leap immersed in deep love in the dream . He slowly let go of the hand tightly holding PLANT RESOURCES, shocked startled at her, all the impulse vanished. You crazy ah? ! PLANT RESOURCES suddenly found himself seems to be a fool, heart furious, gently caressing a woman waiting for her husband immediately fury like a lion. Xiao leap slumped speechless. Love can not be forced, either their own or someone else. Xiao leap in front PLANT RESOURCES face harsh fan himself a slap in the face. Ten years ago he did not know why they should commit such a mistake.

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