Tasteless food

The day will dawn soon, Xiao Yuejin woke up, opened his mobile phone immediately, see Ding Xiaoling back to the information is it right?. But no. He remembered that Ding Xiaoling the pager is a number, not receive, depressed for a long time.
Then, he immediately thought of that confidential list, don't know today Ou Zhou Hong minister will give secretary Wu read? I Secretary Wu is how the idea? If the book of Wu Ji not show one's feelings, then you would only bear, Yagi Mako, that guy is temporarily not.
With that in mind, eating tasteless. Zhang Siyu smiled and made the breakfast to say before, I remember you said yesterday it ha.
Know. Xiao Yuejin tasteless chewing food, answered simply. Zhang Siyu smiled even more, say, two prize, won the composition contest, to tell you the happy you.

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segment cohesion

he had only one power star. Seven identified before and never had such a person to obtain a single star, mostly two-star and Samsung!

Only 'a' force Star Young stars, without exception, were ridiculed as wonderful school!

These people are the Young Stars in the school friends, especially Lian Xiang Lu, Zhu Heng and Alice trio, it is over life friends. Young Star this year reached 2,000 kg restrained segment still can not light up loud segment cohesion, disheartened want to give up many times, over and over again is that this trio enlighten him, only to let his emotional stability.

Alice is Samsung, and even as Xiang Lu, but she's summoned pet is a star of attack cat! Colorful foot, so the image of a small cat she took a 'colorful colorful cats' names. She mastered the technology star is physically and chemically two disciplines, although Alice the talent is two years older than the Young Star trio, is a third-year student, but because these two subjects are too important at the federal, plus Kate Reena family The extraordinary position in the federal, they were solemn Dean exceptional promotion for teachers with college physics and chemistry two disciplines!

Alice for the Young Stars prepare such a large volume of flesh tape, in appreciation over the skull, the Young Star tore some tape wrapped around the wrist.

Whenever any of a star's ability to explore things that are not one or two days

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sighed again

Every cell in his body, because the thought of Ding Xiaoling and flexible, unable to resist the impulse, tormented his every nerve, his heart a burst ofly the pain.
L. He secretly sighed again. But he didn't feel that love each other dearly.
Xiaoling, want you! To you! To you! To you! This a few word, when he played in the mobile phone, he was followed about to shake.
But when he finished typing time, and feel really stupid stupid, such information, can be sent out?! Then, he had a word.
If the small Ling together much good! Career, life happiness, I also look forward to what? Life, don't we need this?
I should like to climb the ladder, one day to climb, a level up, one day, when I have power, I had to think of a way, the small Ling to come back!
Think of climbing the ladder, he suddenly got an inspiration.
He played a small ladder in the mobile phone, put in a pile of the wall, to Ding Xiaoling, he hopes, which became his and her goal.
Send this information, he finally felt at ease, then walks into the bedroom, carrying Zhang Siyu lay down.

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see inside

Xiao Yuejin was worried about Ding Xiaoling, but she is not one day to call, this let him eat one's heart out. He did not want to call in the past, it is Anagi Mako in the Ding Xiaoling side, cause unnecessary troubles, two if every day and Ding Xiaoling together, again afraid influence their future one's criminal conspiracy was unmasked. He had just tasted when there is a man of taste, so beautiful, even if again lost Ding Xiaoling, he is not willing to lose his beloved.
It is not affected by Zhu Yiming without love? He shook his head. Wang Xiaobao opened the book, read a few pages, nothing to see inside, head is full of Ding Xiaoling.
Hey -- he sigh, this is it right? L?
Toss about thinking, constantly sigh long breath, until late into the night, then quietly returned to the bedroom to sleep. This time, Zhang Siyu has a slight breath. He still can't sleep, then quietly out of the bedroom, once again came to the bookcase, sat down at his desk, his efforts to open their own mobile phone, rack one's brains to send a message to Ding Xiaoling. If not, it seems that he is going to sleep at night.

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nobody looked after

looking at his left wrist daze, stunned will of God, so nobody looked after, pull the pull the wrist below the skin, even coming out of the tape length side, suddenly a tear, flesh-colored tape wrapped around the wrist by the whole yer on it, a terrible skull logo revealed itself.

It was like a demon skull, head length that had two horns, eyes protruding grim, Ziya Liezui truly horrible, like a watch, appear in the Young Stars left wrist at the top of the middle!

This is the seventh star in the Young Stars who have revealed signs. School is also the only one seventh Seven Stars!

First came a year ago when the Seven Star School recognition, Yang Xiang Lu star friends even get the health care of the Star, Star of Science (biology), and auxiliary attacks summon Star of Samsung. Another friend Zhu Heng, get the mech Star Star and cognition. The Young Star, get the Star and the mysterious power of the seventh star.

Listen Seven was responsible for identifying the stern headmaster said, Yangxing Gang Gang and the Seventh Star contacts inside sudden puff of black light wrapped him to the later, his whole being like a black sculpture-like, while the Young Star yourself just saw this black light, they become unconscious, woke up in the college infirmary, who are all black faded into the body, the wrist was wrapped up like a flesh-colored flag, not skull revealed.

Dean of the seventh star appeared solemn message pressed down, the whole college knows Young Stars won the only mysterious seventh star Dean solemn, stern headmaster, even Xiang Lu, Zhu Heng and to Young Star made such tape to deceive blonde Alice ? Kate Rui Na (Allison ? Caterina).

Since the message concealment, Young Star Seven appraisal report

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