The introduce of the building corss Qingpu

It is the metro line corss Qingpu district.In the easte side it founctions the pivot of the transpotation stop by Xujing,Zhaoxiang,Qingpu new city and Zhujiajiao.The west side could be reached to Oriental Green Boat totally 35 kilometers.Currently the publicity annoucement for the enviroment impact by Line 17 has been finished.The invite tender is in the process which could be open to traffic before 2015.

Wan Ke Shang Yuan


13,000/sqm 2bedroom started from 1 million.RMB 1,100,000 is for 3 bedrooms.2bedrooms with 79sqm has only 1 option on the 10th floor.The choice for small 3 bedrooms are wide which are all 1 lift 2 units and would be completed before Aug 2012.However,the restaurant could be ok on October 2012.


Zhujiajiao new town


13,500/sqm 1 bedroom with 73sqm 95-150sqm for 2 bedrooms.2 bedrooms with 95 sqm is on sale now.The other units is 5% discount with the payment all at onece and 3% for the loan buyer.

The Zhujiajiao new town has less density the choise of the layout for the buyer are wide.The entertainment in the community,education facilities are perfect with the imminent metro station no.17 the room for the revaluation of the premises in the future is hurge.

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The latest news about the discount property in Pudong Shanghai maximum 450,000

According to the current following report of Pudong real estate market a large portion of the discount compound come into being,Most of these are located in Nanhui district.The layout is from 60 square meters to 140 square meters very wide choice.After Nanhui merges with Pudong the housing prices of the commericial residential building up to RMB20,000/sqm become more and more which is mainly for the first time and improvement buyer.Let's talk to the bussiness.Maximum RMB 450,000 discunt to 1%-2% discunt minimum.Let's focus on what the layout they are in these dicount building.

Complex name,district,discount and the layout

Life harbour city southern Europe Nanhui 12500/SQM(discount) 80-100SQM 2BDR
The coastal international garden Nanhui 10600元/SQM 88SQM 2BDR
Bruce town green space Nanhui 12800元/SQM 136-141SQM 3BDR
Green space east Shanghai Nanhui 24000元/SQM 90SQM 3BDR 139SQM
Oasis cannes close water bay Nanhui 29000元/SQM 60-139SQM 1-3BDR
Moonlight, waterfront garden Pudong 26000元/SQM 80SQM 2BDR 141SQM 3BDR
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June, second-hand housing owners bullish buyers panic intermediary is to grab the crowds

Ushered in a long absence, the "spring" in the Shanghai real estate agency in the experience of the "winter".

Recently, the Shanghai Real Estate Agents will be gathering dust for a long time recruitment notice affixed to the door, and there the idea to open new stores. Is now sorely lacking. "Wang Jun, Chi Heng property Dahua regional the Zhiyong franchise area manager, told reporters," We are in the first quarter were not originally plan to open new stores, but with the market rebound after the Spring Festival, has been opened in the first half of the two new stores is expected the third quarter, but also to open a.

Monitoring data Shanghai Centaline release the June second-hand housing transaction listings of 18,292 sets, an increase of 19.88%, an increase of 49.09 percent, the highest since 17 February 2011 a new high.

Shanghai second-hand housing index released by the Office report that the market has been the owners bullish buyers panic, "the ambivalence.

Intermediary now "to grab the crowd"

Reporters from the job posting on the Chi Hang property Shanghai Pingli shop to see only the account manager and property consultant to recruit for the number of people over 30, for a real estate agent that only has five stores, has been regarded as " large-scale expansion. "

In several well-known job sites, real estate brokers post marked "Urgent", and the number of recruits at every turn in more than 20 people.

Wang Jun told reporters from the Spring Festival after their companies were hiring, the current number of single stores broker has about 30 people, "Today, five stores in the number of base saturation, but we have planned during the year new one. "

Century 21 Real Estate Rui Feng Yangpu Southern Regional Director Mengjun recent second-hand housing market has been significantly warmer, store volume compared to the early growth of 20% to 30%, the stores to recruit for the number of about 15 people , there are new stores planned. Shanghai Central Plains real estate research and consulting director of Song Yong told reporters the number of the company's stores remained basically stable, but the recruitment of the real estate agent has been engaged in, "so in the existing stores configure some more manpower. "

Not only the recruitment of a significant increase in the number of the treatment of real estate brokers as the market rebounds. "Gone".

Previously, the media reported that Beijing Century 21 Real Estate in a store online with the word "graduates a monthly income of 10,000 job posting, including the chain of family property, I love my family, including the vast majority of companies recruiting information the salary column is a monthly salary of 8000 yuan, education from ranging from junior high school to college.

Mengjun Century 21 Real Estate this year recruited many graduates "experience, no experience are welcome in this respect there is not much pay attention to."

However, Wang Jun told reporters, a monthly salary of 10,000 is only "gimmick", the industry's basic income constitute a majority or basic salary + commission, but the recent real estate broker's basic salary in improving "the original 1200 yuan / month increased to 1500 yuan / month, the original 1500 ~ 1800 yuan / month to 2,000 yuan / month or so. "

The commission ratio of each company is different, about 10% to 50% the proportion of graduates, our team is not very high, in general, or tend to recruit mature work experience broker in the region. "Bob says.

Anonymity to industry sources, the income of Real Estate Agents constitute the two kinds of fact, there are "basic salary + commission and basic salary + commission, if you take the latter approach, the cost of the expansion of real estate agency on low . "In the context of property market pick up, the basic salary income constitutes a way also to some extent exacerbated by the expansion of the impulse of the real estate agent."

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Property market in July, continue the trend in June

There are some real estate while continuing to cut prices.

Pudong Meeting Jincheng sales offices, a staff member, said push in the last weekend of the real estate source of more than 100 suites, offers the average price of 12,000 yuan / square meter, when the average price in March to push the disk in the 13000 -1.4 yuan / square meter. "

"The reason why this low pricing is due to the completion of the internal sales targets, it will restore the original price of these sold out." The staff member explained.

However, the staff yesterday did not disclose sales, but said not much "availability".

The Songjiang Greenery Garden Garden two sales offices staff said, the real estate in the last Sunday have added a 102 sets of two-room houses, and discount the average price of 14,100 yuan / square meter, "these houses left 30% more. "

Song Hai July in Shanghai property market will still continue the momentum in June, but only if the supply to keep up, while new supply of the type of product is worth noting that, "by the market size, coupled in line with market pricing such supplies, and more, the property market in July or very good. "

Song-hai, fully warmed up conditions in the property market does not yet have the largest demand of the market, or just need to just need customers shot willingness than before to greatly enhance the new supply of products should be closer in this direction.

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Property sales goes not well which has not made the promotion

However, in the Song-hai, the beneficial effects of cutting interest rates to developers and is not a big "developers get from the bank development loans, or very little."

In the opinion of many people in the industry, in view of the regulators is not to relax the restriction, "and" credit limit "regulation of the bottom line, the developer should still run the amount of the first.

Shanghai part of the prices of real estate right now seem to not get hot.

Also last weekend, a push plate Jiading estate, only to introduce 22 sets of 90 square meters three bedrooms, but as of press time yesterday, one of the real estate sales representative, said the opening two days, these houses more than 10 units left.

According to the introduction of a sales representative of the real estate sales offices, the discount of the 22 suites source the total price of about $ 1.3 million, the average price in the 14000 -1.5 million / sq m. Similar to the real estate listing in the beginning of the year a total amount of 110 million, the average price in the 12000 -1.3 million / sq m.

This time the price of the reasons, the sales representative said, "not the same as the location of the listing, the price is not the same Now that all the real estate prices are up."

According to the sales representative said the fall in interest rates, ease the financial pressure of developers, home buyers have begun to enter the market, prices go up is the trend. Push the plate several times before the real estate prices are slowly rising. Moreover, the floor price of real estate close to 7000 yuan / square meters, selling 13,000 yuan / square meter is Guaranteed price, sold for 15,000 yuan / square meter or more developers to make money before. "

The 22 suites source of the push plate, the sales representative said, "now got left is a few blocks, natural to slowly sell.

A housing enterprise, general manager, said the above the Jiading real estate in your area have more than one real estate for sale and the pricing of the real estate has been flat or slightly higher than competitors. The general manager of the view that links the previous price of the real estate to sell close to cost price, is also true that, overwhelmed by price increases may not be and interest rate cuts, while the few remaining houses, prices may also want to test the market.

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