Shanghai high level complex for sale lower the requirement to increase the deal

Since June the volume of business for Shanghai mansion over 10 million makes the record in deal and supply.The top of city in Xuhui,Pudong starriver,the bund of bund and some other famous residential compound are come into the market.The high level complex exceeds a number,lower the requirement for buyer which seduce a large number of the clinets.

The analysis from Dooioo property indicates that since June 2012 the volume of business in Shanghai property are out of people's exceptation 481 units on June which makes up 10% of the whole residencial deal on June.The reason for such a unexcepted result should be due to the reduction of the requirements for the buyes.

Binjiang arc DE triomphe located in Lujiazui saled 10 units mainly layout is from 140sqm to 350sqm RMB 120,000/sqm.Hai Jing Yi Hao another project in this area whose main layout is big size 390sqm deal price is around RMB 120,000.



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the market the real estate enterprises eccelerates the promtion to protect the real estate regulation

9 residential compound are add into the market the real estate enterprises eccelerates the promtion to protect the real estate regulation from the central authorities.After the summing up of the market Shanghai real estate promotion suddenly rises.

Report from Soufang the real estate website indicates that July 28th-July 29th totally 9 residential compound are added into the list of the promotion with almost 1200 units for both necesity and the improvment buyers.According to Sofang the promotion units this time are the sum for 3 weeks before July which is around 1,500.

An chief in charge from a quoted real estate company announced that the promotions in Shanghai are and the volume of business are less.The large promotion this time could be regarded as an margin call.For the time being the development with reason will catch the chance to promote on Junly and Augest instead of September and October.On one hand the market goes forward a positive manner on ther hand the regulation has the possibility to be changed.


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The room for the negocation for the second house in Shanghai shrinks

The room for the negocation for the second houses shrinks an report from InterShanghai Real Estate indicates that the prices of the second house for sale stay firm when into July expicially for the owner of the house with RMB 1-2 million which further titten the room of the negociation.The deal for the houses suffers due to this.

The general manager of the chinese real estate accounced on July 24th that the volume of business fall down around 10%.

Generally speaking,the volume of business for the second in Shanghai is regarded as a signal.The houses with RMB 1-2 mollion are always the main power in housing deal which makes up 30%-40% in the Shanghai real estate market.

The data from the internet indicates that the second house for sale in Shanghai are totally 15,9008 which shrinks a little comparing with several month before.

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34 residential compound are expected to be promoted on Aug Shanghai rising 50%

34 residential compound are expected to be promoted on Aug Shanghai rising 54% comparing with 22 complex on July.And 25.9% amplification comparing with Aug on 2011.

The insider said:the reduction of intrest and the coorodination of the market founctions in the real estate market.

Predictly speaking,the real estate market in the next half year would be better than what it is in the first 6 month.

The date indicates that the figures of the residential complex which for promotion rises 50%.However,Shanghai real estate market fall down and the stock of the residential property on the process of going up.It is not realistic that the recovery of the whole real estate market come true.

The surveillance center make the data report expires on July 20th that 34 residential compound are expected to be promoted on Aug Shanghai rising 50% which is 50% up comparing with 27 residential complex promotion on 2011.

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The real estate necessity for graduate people become great

From Jun to July with the end of the study for graduate the property market became active.

The 21 century real estate market research department indicates the sampling suvery that during the first period of July the gradute people makes up a large position of the population in real estate rental in Beicai,Minhang,Qibao,Yangpu and Changyang where is quite popular for rental in Shanghai.

In Beicai,Pudong the graduate makes up 60% of the tenant.Most of them are the flashman who works in Zhangjiang because the rental in this area are relatively lower with the convient transpotation.However,the salaryman tenants occupyed 60 to 80% of the population in rental in which except the experienced staff few flashman belongs to the rest part of the population.Althouth they are all the graduate as the new tenant in the market what they focous on differs.

Mr Zhu Teng Fu the manager of the InterShanghai Real Estate said:currently the gradute in Beicai,Pudong mainly descide to find the room mates pay less importance to the new buildind rental is around RMB 1,400 to RMB 1,500/month or RMB 2200 to RMB 2500 with the new decoration.They hope to have a long term corporation with their first enterprise usually requires 2 years or more to stablely sattle down in Shanghai

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