The Shanghai Six Terms start to function?

The Shanghai real estate market on July become depression

These days the regulation is very strict expect few “relation people” now it’s very hard to get the right to buy property by making a supplementary social insurance payment.

These days Liu Ming who works as the supplementary agent speak to the first economy daily that after the thorough investigation begins his business low down a lot.Befor that he could take at least 100 supplementary case and now 30 would be great.

Liu Ming also released that now the property trading center checks at random if you are lucky enouth you could pass.But if you were found you could not only not able to buy the property but also in the list of the “bad guy”

Since last novenber Liu Ming confessed to the report that he could get RMB 3,000 for every case and RMB 3,00,000 is his monthly income.Now only 1 out out of 3.The situation of this agent means no matter the regulation or the operation the Shanghai real estate limitation stick still.


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The most self important landlord in Shanghai buy the whole building and make illegal inovation

Mr Zhoui who lives at Lane 69 Hai Lun road telephoned to the summer hotline:an old building was brought by one landlord in the community.Since March the construction team started to make the innovation for the whole building not only make the scaffold,higher the building but also vanished the green area surrouned which caused a series of the inconvience to the life and the residence nearby suffered.

The residence said they already reported to the related department and the urban management ask for stop for many times but the construction team still continued in the middle of the night.The contruction team told the reporter via phone that the building belongs to villa the green area is in it’s own region and has the right to make the change.The staff of the urban management in Hongkou said the so called private green area was denied by the related department and asked for stop already.

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6 residencial complex are expected to be promoted

An compound in Jiading rises 10% of it’s housing prices.

Date until Augest 1 according to Xinlang property data base this weekend(Aug 4th-Aug 5th)Tian Jun Linglong,Shang Bei Wan,Lv Ting Shang Cheng,Qian Yao Dong Gang and Shanghai San Xiang Haishang totally 6 complex are expected to be promoted.San Xiang Hai Shang are located on the Middle Ring in Baoshan district.In the rest of the compound Bei Shang Wan and Lv Ting Shang Chehng belong to Songjiang Jin Shang Fang is in Sijing Tian Ju Lin Long Wan is in Jiading new city Qian Yao Dong Gang is in Lingang area.4 project in 6 complex are apartment includes 60sqm-125sqm with 1-3bedrooms and also an service apartment plus an project for townhouse.

Complex name,location,the time for promotion and the main layout.

Tian Ju Ling Long Wan Aug 4th or Aug 5th 83square meters with 2bedrooms,3bedrooms with 120square meters average price is RMB 11,000/square meters RMB 35,000 discount by ording 2 bedrooms and RMB 60,000 for 3 bedrooms

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An complex introduce

Jin Di Yi Hua located on No.1828 Hang Mei road belongs to Pudong(orginally Nanhui)2,20,000 square meters the mainly for the villa includes the mansion,apartment,hotel and the lower-density residence.

Sales condition:

90square meters apartment and 190 square meters apartment which will be promoted on Augest.Starting from RMB 1,500,000 the villa with 180sqm to 235sqm have been promoted already which price ranges from RMB 5,000,000 to RMB 70,00,000.


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The Shanghai development accelerate the promotion 5 new residential compound will be in the market

Most of the real estate enterprises start their promotion once as long as receiving the lisence with the background of keeping good volume of business in July slack season.Apparently,the pansion of the real estate development stand still.According to the report from the InterShanghai Real Estate 34 residential building would come into the market in which 5 complex in Pudong.Let's see what they are:



Compound name,promotion time,location and the layout information:


Vanke five Jie fang

Mid Aug

San Lin


246-286sqm 3-4bedrooms

Jin Ling Guo Ji


Tang Zhen


71-94sqm 1-2bedrooms

gemdale art departs


Hang tou


90-190sqm apartment

Wei Lai Shu

End Aug

Zhu Qiao


75-90sqm 2-3bedrooms

East champions county

Mid Aug

Xin Chang


97-139sqm 2-3bedrooms


Vanke five Jie fang

Located on Dong Ming road/Yang Nan road belongs to Sanlin area 1 killemeter from Shangnan road 2 miniutes from Line6 Gao Qing road 30 miniutes to People's Square.110,000 sqmare meters is for the whole complex which is mainly Japanese style living with nature.


Current sales condition:The development will add a list of the new units on Aug average price will be a bit more expensive than RMB 40,000/square meters what it is now expected.

Price and layout could refer to rurrent 3-4 bedrooms on sale now totally between RMB 86,00,000 to RMB 180,00,000.Discount could be negociated on the spot.Vanke five Jie fang will be submitted on October,2013.

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