The compound promotion in the first-tier city reduced comparing with Augtest in the golden Sep season

According to the latest report from InterShanghai Real Estate this year there are 104 commercial residencial building in the market of Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou which reduced 12 complex comparing with Augest.These days the expection of the real estate regulation has been changed and it is not clear about if the government will tighten the regulation after having the report from the supervise team.The attitude of the developer will be more reasonable comparing with Augest.The analyst from InterShanghai Real Estate said.

In Beijing,Guangzhou,Shenzheng and Shanghai only Beijing promote 38 project in September which is more than 37 on Augest.According to the data so far Shanghai only has 26 residencial complex for sale in Sep which is far lower than 44 on Sep last year.

Before going into the golden Sep silve Oct the supply already release in advance.


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The four factor that people need to pay attention to when purching the house for merriage

The traditional Chinese Valentine's Day approaches.It is a good day for the people who want to merrage on this day.Now when talking about merriage house will be related.We have to say Chinese traditional influence affect us and under this influence more and more people will purchase the property in order to get marriage.So it is a big problem when buying the property.How to choose and how to figure out the most suitable property is the problem they are tring to deal with.

First of all the purchase of the property should act according to your ability.Caculating the money you have,how big you are able to afford,count the loan you need to pay,ect…

Recommendation:3 bedrooms 84 square meters

               RMB 10,500 square meters

Xu Hui Lan Yue is located in Luodian,Bao Shan district this project has the advantage in price in the north part of Shanghai around RMB 10,000/square meters.3 bedrooms with 84 square meters less 1 million.This project release the preasure from the yong people who has not too many savings.Further more,as the small bedroom it has enough space for the couple who live themselves or for the baby in the future.

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The number of the Shanghai second houses for sale shrinked seven percent or rise the prices in deal

After the prime period in housing transactions in June and July the numbe of the housing for sale shrinked obervisouly.

The real estate on web indicates that there are 1,56,998 propeties for sale which shrinks 7% comparing with 1,70,000 on June and July.

The decreasing amplitude in some of the hot area became more obvious.Shanghai central line real estate released an report on Augest 14th that the number of the second house for sale shrinkes 30% from the institute in Xin Zhuang,Xie Tu road and Tong He after been into the Augest.

Zhang Jian Dong the regional manager from Diooioo Property said the properties sources gone very fast in the earlier stage and some of the owner cancel the sale caused the reduction of the housing figure which means the options for the clients deducted and enhance the housing prices.

Zhang Jian Dong also said 1,57,000 housing information is not low.According to the past experience once the market goes well for a while the buyer and the saler will stop,observed the market then proceed and Augest is an traditional slack season.


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Shanghai real estate prices rises only two rigid demand property come into the market

The volume business in Shanghai real estate market fall down comparing with June market.And shown the forward step by comparing with last year this time.In the first week of Augest Shanghai real estate markt continue the hot trend in July which shows the forward trand in both sales figure and the price.

Regarding to the housing promotion the report from the data center department in InterShanghai Real Estate.There are only two compound for sale which are Chang Fa Hao Ting and Green New City.We could see in the current market which is expected as a good one the developer deducted the supply in order to make the preparation for the rise in housing prices in the future.

The new six regulation curbe the housing prices of expectation

On July 26th Shanghai municipal government issue the new six regulation.On the basis of the condition that the volume of business in real estate market fall down curbe the emotion to rise the price,the intention to make the devoleper lower the price is obvious along with the intention of the buyer to buy.


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4 residencial complex with 600 units are going to come into the market the average price do down 30%

The data until Augest 9th from Shanghai Sofang indicates that from Augest 11th to Augest 12th there are 4 complex project will be promoted which is 3 less than last weekend.Totally 600 units housing prices is less RMB 16,000/sqm less 30% than RMB 21,000 last weekend.There are 3 apartments project and 1 villa in this promotion.

The rigid damond spread at the second week of Augest 85% of them are in Jiading

Qu Peng the analyst from Sofang data department said when into the second week of Augest the rare middle and high level property sources are in the list of the real estate promotion.

Though there is an villa project in the promotion this one is less RMB 20,000/sqm which also belongs to low-level project.All the four project are out of the out-door ring in which three of them are in Jiading.As the first rigid demand area Jiading real estate market could represent the burst of the rigid demand product.

From the sales condition last week the sales for low price project on the open day are obviously better than milddle and high level residencial compound.Because of the new top of the volume of business in Shanghai real estate market and in July it even approached RMB 25,000/sqm which was over 10% for the March 2012 it means the rigid demand for the low price apartment are under the process of going up.


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