Worried About Liu Mazi

Then he had to be careful; if it is generally good, then play it by ear, you must not let this go! He is not a good thing, why should be smooth sailing? This is no justice! If the secretary and ministers to him not to be see Xiao Yuejin grinned bar, a little grim smile.The Xiao Yuejin look Liu Mazi name row position of seventeen, he twenty-eight.Investigation, Xiao leap forwrd with their own hands and clean atmosphere pen writing all personnel drew a table, copying clearly want to immediately handed the hands of the European Minister, Minister European countryside to go. Xiao leap right in the afternoon, in the office and other European ministers also confessed Tsui, the European Ministers came back, tell him immediately. When nothing, and my heart is just around the corner think Ding Xiaoling.Can not do this, Yuejin, do not own the future to a woman, and a woman who betrayed. Xiao leap to myself like this. However, he is not their own think she experienced two nights earlier, he is like drug addiction, and now his heart itch uncomfortable, restless, he took the phone from time to time, look for a while, while they look. I do not know what to expect. Ding Xiaoling has even come to the phone, did not come in the morning, afternoon, did not come.Xiao leap almost could hold his hand upon her phone is like a small moth-like, feel comfortable to death but difficult to be dead. He really wanted to make a phone call in the past, but was worried about Liu Mazi back, careless hit-and

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Left the burrow

"Quick to go up!" That king commanded road.

Around the little brothers nodded put hairy hand on the heart at Young Star, said: "Your Majesty, is still alive!"

"Carry back! Let Jackie cure the old man, I was going to ask this guy, in the end what happened here!" Then the king said.

"Yes!" One of the little brother of the Young Stars in the anti-shoulder, end with the king left the burrow. Young star secretly opened his eyes looked at this guy's clothes are also float hanging a 'space bags', apparently was filled with this transaction items.

Young star heart shocked, hairy monster just said the old man carried back to Jackie treatment, but not in the villages Jackie opened a medical point of it? How would these guys together and do what they say Jackie Jackie said Ina cloud is not a person?

Young Vimicro eyes closed, intentionally or unintentionally, watching these hairy monster, leading the extraordinary momentum that king, capacity will certainly not low, around five younger brother does not look like a bum, and just a few wooden teachings that waste should be par.

These long-haired blame should be turned into evil

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Wang Chuang One Day Work

I took the 939 bus to north Chengdu Road and Beijing Road, then I walked along the Xinzha Road, Xin Chang Cheng is located at the Xinzha Road and Xinchang Road, the house is modern and the security is high level, I think Xinchang Cheng is very famous compound, the rental is very expensive ,across the Xinchang Road located the Jinse Jiayuan and Yazhou Gongyu, I took some pictures for Jinse Jiayuan, there is a beautiful garden in the middle of the compound, there is the Xinyating apartment in Xizang Road and Beijing Road, the apartment is similar to the hotel housing, the location is very good and the transportation is very convenient, then I walked along the Xinzha Road, Xinfukangli located at Shenmen Road and Xinzha Road, there is a door on the Xinzha Road and I walked into the compound through the door, the housing are all separate housing like Babara’s house. Across the Xinzha Road is LADOLI, I didn’t go into the LADOLI, because entry to the compound is by swipe card only.

  At last I went along the Taixing Road, there are some famous compound, for example Taifumingdi,Tianding garden and Nancao Ping. Except Taifumingdi, Tianding garden and Nancao Ping are more like villa, the villa are classical and nice, the scenery is also very beautiful. Along the river, JINGAN HEBIN GARDEN is on the Haifang Road and North Suzhou Road, I don’t think the location is very good because the road has been cut off by the river, as the scenery is beautiful, I think that is why the compound is so famous. At last I walked across the river and found Dongfanglaiyin on the Guangfu Road and Hanzhong Road. The compound looks a bit old, as it is along the river and the rental maybe not very low, I also see Renhenggubei Garden, but the distance is a little far away, so I didn’t went there.

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The pactice of some building review in Jingan

Yesterday I went to the West Beijing road and the North Chengdu Road to send something. Then I walked along the Xinchang Road, there lies Shanghai Xinchangcheng, across the road there lies the Jinsejiayuan,I entered the compound and took some pictures, the scenery is very beautiful,  I didn’t get into the Shanghai Xinchangcheng, because entry to the compound is by swipe card only.

Then I walked along the Xinzha Road to Shimen Road, there lies the Xinfukangli and LADOLI, I entered the compound, it is very large, there are more than 100 buildings, I took some pictures and walked around the compound, then I also found the community center in the compound, at last I didn’t go into the LADOLI, because entry to the compound is by swipe card only. I saw CITY CASTLE in the Wuding Road and Changhua Road, a security guard told me that I can’t enter the compound. When I arrived TOP OF CITY it was late, so I didn’t take pictures, I walked around the compound and saw the lake and the club then I came back.

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Temporary Residencial Permit

The first day is alwadys hard.Since our supervisor told me to deal with the Registration Form Of Temporary Residence for foreigner Barbara’s family, as it is the first time for me to communicate with a foreigner, I was a little nervous, when I arrived her home and saw her, I found that she is very warm, I told her why I come here, she let me get into her house and told me to wait for a moment, then she went upstairs to get her family’s passport, I told her it would take me about an hour to deal with the form, then I would send the passport back, she told me that she would pick up her daughter, so she told me I can ask the nanny to open the door for me.

I went to print shop to get the material prepared, then I came to the police station on the Yongjia Road, the policeman warmly received me, after checking up the material, the form was completed very quickly, I sent back the form and the passport to nanny as soon as possible, through this incident I found the foreigner was very nice indeed.

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