Large portion of the developer in first tier city are absent of the housing exhibition

"Last December , we launched 150 suites source , priced at 16,000 yuan per square meter, the results of a few days sold out ; latest batch will be opened in June listings , do not know the exact price ...... " is located in Ann Town of staff , a real estate some description , so that people feel the recent intend selling " unable to start."

The industry believes that overseas buyers continued to fire, and there are multiple reasons. On the one hand , the domestic housing restriction policy inhibits investment demand , coupled with the stock market downturn, high net worth crowd hoping to seek more investment opportunities in overseas markets ; hand, in overseas assets at a low ebb when the mouth, driven by the appreciation of the RMB residential investment boom overseas , making it the best way to save foreign exchange . In addition , the domestic top-ranking real estate developers have to go abroad to develop the project , but also the growing number of domestic investors gradually dispel concerns , followed by the " sea" investment home.

Reporters found that these days are being held " Spring of Shanghai " exhibitions at the Poly , China Merchants , gold and other traditional line figure does not appear housing prices , local projects accounted for only about half of the domestic exhibition projects , most of which still have not opened the project ; the same time, discount real estate accounted for only 10% less than the number , and there is no significant price cuts, popular as last year's " October" exhibitions . Developers more for the next opening " build off " to attract people to " booking " has become the main task of many booths .

According to the relevant websites on-site survey of more than 300 visitors , people put prices reached 39 percent , the first time exceeded the proportion of bullish prices . Overall, the exhibitions at the "wait and see , temptation " atmosphere darker.

Overseas projects become a " hero"

Reporters at the exhibition site a spin discovered that as supporting overseas projects , this one has become the show 's protagonist. According to organizers, the project just over 30 domestic exhibitors , overseas exhibitors was up to more than 300 projects , involving more than 20 countries. Show also launched the first " Australian National Theme Pavilion " , bringing together more than 20 real estate developers in Australia , nearly 100 projects in Australia home and migrants.

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The trend of falling down in housing prices in the housing market in part of Shanghai may be ignited

" The question now is , the small magnitude of the price has not yet reached the psychological expectations of buyers , so little to boost demand and only the larger price cut to be able to quickly deal."

    Wang said that the current in the Waigaoqiao plate, either the husband or the new premises housing prices have declined over the same period in January about 1,000 yuan / square meter. " As recently traded a set of 60 square meters eight villages Ershiyiting Tong Hong Kong , January total turnover of 130 million, and in March the total turnover dropped to 1.24 million yuan , a decline of nearly 5 %. "

According to data provided by Han Yu estate last year, Waigaoqiao broad plate prices more than 20% , even up to the individual real estate rose by 50% . For example , real estate is located in the Waigaoqiao plate " Golden [ Us News ] future" , the average price in November 2012 was 23,000 ~ 24,000 yuan / square meter , in November 2013 , the average price of real estate 33000 ~ 35,000 yuan / square meter , prices rose about 50%.

    Last year because of " free trade zone " effect while prices soaring Shanghai Waigaoqiao plate retired. Shanghai offers a number of large intermediaries to "First Financial Daily" data show that second-hand house prices in the region has quietly loosened .

" Waigaoqiao plate Heavy hand housing prices have been about 5 % greater decline in the individual listing ." Century 21 Real Estate Market Shanghai area , a person research department , told this reporter , January and February , 2014 , outside Takahashi plate hand housing turnover decreased over the same period in 2013 , almost 60% decline in volume over the same period the Shanghai city about three percent , Waigaoqiao sector far exceeds the city's second-hand housing market decline overall .

" Waigaoqiao plate price cuts are expected to do ." Real estate market research director of Shanghai Zhongyuan Song Yong said that before the establishment of the FTA , Waigaoqiao plates used to maintain prices at 1.8 yuan / square meter , while the last September, the plate price has exceeded 24,000 yuan / square meter , the price can be described as alarming speed . Late last year, real estate registration , Shanghai and seven other regulatory signal came , making the demand far exceeds the supply plate inside .

After a detailed investigation, Shanghai Zhongyuan real estate market research feedback also said to reporters , has since last December , Waigaoqiao plate heat marked decline , the overall fall into the " volume and price down " dilemma.

Buyers still buy a small price

Century 21 Real Estate Shanghai Gaoqiao quarter Rui Feng Wang Jing Branch told reporters: " 1,2 months the property market downturn affected mainly by the Spring Festival , but after entering in March , the market remains in the doldrums in March compared to Waigaoqiao plate Transaction . the same period in January before the Spring Festival is still down 10 % in the past ' rebound ' market was replaced by a thick atmosphere of wait and see."

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700 properties will be promoted into the market which is 70% of the last week

As of March 13 statistics , this weekend in the ( 3.15-3.16 ) , Shanghai is expected to have seven residential projects opened or plus, compared with the previous weekend ( 3.8-3.9 ) 11 actual trading volume down 57.14% ; Total push housing more than 700 units, a decline of 59.51 percent last week.

   InterShanghai data monitoring center analyst Faye said , horses years later , again walking a tight line of credit , the current prime rate has been first suite disappeared across the board , the benchmark rate has become the lowest rate , which makes the purchase cost buyers increased significantly, resulting in turnover for the decline, developers have slowed down the pace of push plate . The spring exhibitions will probably be another one , " explore the city " , if during the turnover has increased, the pace of subsequent developers push plate may accelerate.

According to Shanghai soufun data monitoring center , seven intraday market this week just to be exclusive six seats , accounting for 85.71 percent , a change in the type of home improvement in the last few weeks and have equal shares of the situation . This is mainly because the market has been hailed as "market leader" in the " Spring of Shanghai " exhibitions will be on March 14 will be at the Shanghai Exhibition Center , the exhibition debut of real estate projects will be " just need real estate " as the core , multi- fight " cheap "brand , just need a lot of real estate aimed at this opportunity , going to push the plate to attract buyers.

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The prices of the new compound in Lingang area has been rised up to 10% the housing prices is on the highway

" This time last year , where the second-hand housing price was 10,000 head a little , last March market policies that last car in a hurry , but the average price 12,000 yuan / square meter ." Harbor City an intermediary manager said that since last August , in September after testing the concept of free trade area came out, second-hand housing prices in the region within a week on average rose by 2,000 yuan / square meter , "A lot of landlords asking price of 1.5 million yuan on the first day , when the next contract becomes 1.6 million yuan or even higher."

Not only is the apartment houses, according to the salesperson said , every push plate , Poly blue forest language villa listing price is also rising , " the total price of the first opening villa listing at 300 yuan / set , the second push at 320 yuan / sets , this rate is expected to push at 350 yuan / sets."

For the push plate offer up again , to explain the aforementioned Poly blue forest language salesperson is "Now is certainly not the same as last year , and we are brand developers."

New home prices are still fast uplink port

March 12 , Lake Harbor drip plate , Poly blue forest language sales offices, a sales staff, the real estate will be the third time this weekend to push the average price of apartment listings refined decoration which reached 2.2 yuan / square meter . This is more than the real estate last December 's increase pushed the average price of a second , and up nearly 10 percent .

"In fact, almost all apartment location ." Preceding salespeople case bluntly .

Poly continued to rise for the blue forest language quoted , port of a relevant person in charge of housing prices that the current intraday Lingang New Town, only Poly blue forest language as well as listing an item in the sale , its price can not be completely on behalf of the port of price levels .

Poly blue forest language is just a special case ?

Right now, the main city in the sale of Harbor City , principally three new disc . Among them, two drip Lake Xinyuan is late , only a few scattered houses in the sale ; Yi Hao Oujing is housing project ; has roughly the amount of housing in the sale of real estate projects , only Poly blue forest language .

Housing prices in the previous port relevant person in charge , the main city Lingang such a big area, if there is only one item in the sale, then it will be very obvious advantages , it can set the pricing of some products selling a little higher , but this does not explain the port 's overall price level .

According to the aforementioned Poly blue forest language sales staff, when the real estate first opened in October last year , the average price reached 19,000 yuan / square meter ; December last year, when the second push , the average price has risen apartment listing to 20,500 yuan / square meter.

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The second hand school district housing become popular

With the " nearest small rise early " policy settled, the amount of 95% of the junior high school enrollment is open to the surrounding school district room especially elementary, middle joint of the hand " dual school district room" is particularly favored by the market.

Century 21 Real Estate Market Research Department , Deputy Director of Shanghai region of the Yellow River Tao believes that expanding the school district listings volume , and listing volume listing , "the beginning of a small rise " counterparts , such as the school district has an associated qualification . As Po Hui Village is located in Minhang , Ming strong primary counterparts , but because the amount listed rare volume on down there . The characteristics of Dongan Village counterpart foreign language elementary school Dongan Road second , because the junior qualified counterparts in general, volume is also not float.

In February this year , due to the Chinese New Year , trading both sides expected changes and other factors , the city's second-hand housing transaction sets fell more than 20%. However, there are second-hand real estate transaction , the Xuhui Lingyun Village Mellon ranked first with 112 sets of volume . According to reports, the real estate not only in volume in January and February are the top five , and the February trading volume as well as the expansion , representing an increase of 47.4 percent in January .

In addition to the lot is better, there is a certain amount listed , the school district housing characteristics is an important cause of their selling . Lingyun Village counterpart Xuhui Rick Fuxiao ; If, according to the "small rise early " policy , can be directly promoted to junior high , high school Liaison Office Rick High School, is the real deal , " school district double room ." Similarly, in January -ranked jintang cell turnover , but also their counterparts Rick school to real estate . In the relatively low volume periods , two real estate transactions in the same sector were to become the first in which the school district property can not be ignored .

In addition Lingyun Village and golden pond area outside , Century 21 Real Estate Shanghai area continuous monitoring of 40 benchmark real estate, there are many " dual school district room" increase in trading volume of the project. For example, the benchmark for real estate Nandan Xuhui district center , elementary school teacher exchange counterparts , can " small rise early ," Ignatius High School or City, four secondary schools, its volume to buck the trend line in February , an increase of 100%. Similarly, the Pudong Lujiazui plate Plum Village , Fushan Foreign Language Primary School counterparts , can " small rise early ," Jin Cai High School , Feb. turnover also rose by 25 %.

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