The housing prices of the first tier city start to lossen

Recently, two , three lines property price panic gradually spread , first-tier cities are now loose. The industry believes that the amount of parity run will be the mainstream of the property market for some time.

In fact, since March , as the Shanghai second-hand housing market transaction price listing price terms to loosen , most sellers are listed in the alert salesman , "If buyers want to buy , the price can be discussed ."

Similarly , the Central Plains real estate report shows that since the beginning of February , the Beijing second-hand housing listing price come down for seven consecutive weeks , in the case of the overall market colder , some owners , especially owners quoted anxious sellers began to appear down.

Second-hand housing market pressures doubled

March each year , the property market in general will usher in a wave of "Indian summer " market. However , this year's prices are far lower than market expectations. Since entering the second half of March , although the increasing market supply , and the buyer did not accelerate the rhythm of the shot .

Recently, this reporter from Shanghai stores learned more intermediaries, real estate , focused on the recent real estate market new shunt many buyers , had fairly good liquidity pressure on the secondary housing market doubled . Shanghai Zhongyuan Property Research Department data show that in March the outer suburban ring Shanghai second-hand housing transaction prices to promote the proportion of turnover accounted for three percent.

A real estate agency , told reporters that it had just traded a listing located in Baoshan District , before listing price of 310 million, and last week the owners take the initiative to reduce the price to 288 yuan, and said that , as long as customers are interested in , prices may also be discussed. The reporter has learned that the current market similar residential listing price of 300 yuan. This transaction prices before bargaining space is generally not more than 20,000 yuan contrast.

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The price of the villa in Chuan Sha rise 40% up

With just a few hundred meters from the Shanghai Disneyland Shanghai Shopping Village construction plan from the formal exposure , insiders speculated that it would give Disney where chuansha plate into a shot in the arm again , what is surprising is that the news early in years ago in the local spread, year chuansha plate prices, especially high-end residential prices rose amazing.

Although there are situations in advance , " investment" , but still shopping village planning official arrival boosted some popularity, especially high-end residential . Century 21 Real Estate Shanghai Rui Feng Wang Bao Chuan Ring Road branch manager CLC , in March 2014 , including villas , including the amount of high-end property purchase inquiries increased by about one percent.

" Shanghai Shopping Village is expected to completed in 2015 , the park opened to synchronize with Disney , is expected to attract large numbers of people will be entering chuansha plate, the entire plate business , tourism environment will enhance the international grade, high-end home buyers needs or will steadily improve ." Century 21 Real Estate Yellow Tao , deputy director of the regional market Shanghai Research Unit.

Shanghai shopping village planning for the city into an international tourist center and laid the cornerstone . According to the plan , the shopping village with dining, travel and other functions , the future will be built into a high-end luxury shopping covered by comprehensive commercial establishments . Introduction shopping village planning , the future will affect the property market pattern chuansha plate inside .

After landing the Disney concept , catch "ride" the very early chuansha prices went up 20,000 yuan mark. Century 21 Real Estate Shanghai regional market research department survey showed that in March ( ended March 25 ) chuansha hand housing apartment price in 23,000 -2.6 yuan / square meter , house price at 30,000 -4 million / sq. meters.

According to local intermediaries introduced much new supply chuansha plate now , only last July launched a covering apartments , villas and residential projects of products , part of its apartments are now sold out , and the house is still for sale. Now able to sell the house to the second-hand housing as the main force , the main housing price traded below 200 million.

Message shopping village planning in early 2013 in fact already in Chuansha plates spread, in the past year, Chuansha luxury residential prices rose significantly . To luxury villas within the sector Opal St. Petersburg , for example, the listing price from 26,000 -2.7 10,000 last year / square meter , up to the current 35 000 -4 million / square meter, or even up to 40%. And even in luxury villas studded Pudong Pik plate, in March this year compared to last year 's listing price rise is only about 10%. In contrast, part of the luxury villas rose Chuansha , second-hand housing in the city's high-end projects are also rare demonstration of confidence in the sector owners of the property market.

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Only 115 properties promote which is the lost in last 34 month

Shanghai found room data monitoring center as of March 25 statistics , Shanghai in April 2014 a total discount of commercial housing 115 ( including villas ) , compared with March 2014 to reduce the three projects , significantly reduced 27.67% over last year . Of which only six projects larger discount rate , reaching 10% or more, compared with March down 1.

or by the beginning of the year the banks continued to tighten lending , intensified under the buyers wait and see attitude and subsequent silver -prime market is unknown environment than generous promotions to attract eye, developer or more inclined to test the market 's direction. The other hand, is known as the property known as the March rebound , the property market overall turnover is not ideal, just after the dismal spring exhibitions will also popular , but in March the property sale volume has remained at a high level , or instructions in this environment , developers still have a strong willingness to enter the market , if the property market in April still tepid , does not exclude the developers will gradually increase the preferential return of funds to facilitate the accelerated turnover .

According to Shanghai found room data monitoring center , in April gives a total of 18 new concessions margin slightly more for 97-99 % off deals , including 13 of the outer ring outside projects. Shanghai found room data monitoring center analyst Huang Haiyan , said the project has been just need the main buyers , more conducive to the promotion of small concessions or traded.

April discount real estate continued to decline in the number of 34 115 monthly minimum discount refresh Valley

Shanghai found room data monitoring center statistics as of March 25 , April 2014 in Shanghai discount real estate totaled 115 ( including villas ) , compared with March 2014 to reduce the three projects , compared with April 2013 down nearly 3 percent.

Source: data monitoring center found room

According to Shanghai found room data monitoring center statistics, from January 2014 , the number of discount real estate held following the decline in April discount real estate reduced to 115 , setting a July 2011 to the lowest valley . Shanghai found room data monitoring center analyst Huang Haiyan , said the continued reduction in the number of concessions , on the one hand.

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The residencial permit in first tier city connects the limition of the living period

Yesterday a "comprehensive deepening reform of China" as the theme of the China Development Forum 2014 conference, four department heads from the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Human Resources and Social Security Ministry and the Ministry of Commerce around the new urbanization, tax reform, social security system, and other key areas of reform opening comment. Dialogue with foreign representatives, China's response to the release of the new ideas of reform challenges.

Farmers to citizens, whether the Government vocational training timetable and roadmap? Xu Xianping said that China's 270 million migrant workers have two characteristics of 70%, ie only 70% of junior high school education, 70% had no formal vocational training. Migrant workers is the subject of China's industrial workers, to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, it is necessary to improve the level of education of migrant workers, migrant workers to strengthen vocational training.

The State Council has issued a document relating to modern vocational education and peasants as the focus. New urbanization in the country is also planning to develop a specialized migrant workers vocational skills training program in the coming period will focus on promoting government investment capital subsidy vocational skills training, and to strengthen the responsibility of enterprises to develop job skills training for migrant workers, and full extraction rational use of employee education and training funding to migrant workers "get in the city, stay, can develop."


Two hundred million people of migrant workers within seven years of "two-step"

National Development and Reform Commission deputy director, said Xu Xianping, this requires the development of specific standards for various types of urban agriculture transfer of population settled in large cities is to develop and live lives of other conditions linked to the residence permit system, the standard will be the public announcement.

Said Xu Xianping, orderly transfer of agricultural population is to promote the public of new urbanization is an important task. Currently urban resident population more than 200 million migrant workers and their families or wife in the next seven years, "two paths" orderly, progressive realization residents.

He said that through the implementation of differentiated settled policy efforts to achieve the 2020 transfer of around 100 million agricultural population and other resident population settled in the town. NDRC requirements of various cities and towns this year to develop specific criteria adapted to local conditions settled agricultural population transfer, mega-cities residents to implement the system, and to publicly announce the community, to guide the transfer of agricultural population settled in the town of expectations.

Also for the rural population of over 100 million transfer of resident but not settled in the town, said Xu Xianping, will be achieved through the establishment of the residents of the public system. State residence will be the carrier, and other conditions linked to living life, steadily compulsory towns, public service employment services, basic pension, basic medical care, affordable housing, etc., and to these five urban resident population coverage of public services.

Strengthening vocational training for farmers becomes public


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The real estate state in first tier city:30000 to 5000

Li ( pseudonym ) went out early in the morning his agency stores, one is filled with information he carried a small blackboard filled with listings , riding a dilapidated electric car came to a neighboring cell door , the small blackboard on the electric car front.

Far more than 1000 km away in Beijing , such as " covert marketing" strategy has become a reality. Zhao Fei is the East Third Ring , Chaoyang District, a large real estate company 's broker , he told reporters yesterday , the store 's second house auction bid auction sellers offer drop a few million , which is not in the same period last year situation may arise .

Property and well-being , intermediary prophet , Li and Zhao Fei 's experience reflects the status of the property north of Guangzhou and other cities : the slowdown in trading volume , price loose.

Line embarrassing state property agency

This is the name of a broker engaged in the real estate agent for many years in such a routine every day to work , but, these days he have another job in Putuo District - quietly modify the listing price .

"You see my black board says the set of 41 square meters of a house , the landlord quotes 1.25 million yuan , but what I wrote is 1.2 million yuan ." Li told the " First Financial Daily" reporters , the landlord quote a bit empty high, many buyers would not even consider , so he secretly lowered the price.

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