Shanghai will start the house property as the living means for one's old age

Shanghai will introduce a " pension agency fee approach" Public pension institutions is determined by the government guidance ; private pension institutions , the implementation of market pricing , charging all in the open.

Recently, the municipal government issued the " Opinions on Accelerating the development of the implementation of pension services, promote social pension service system " made ​​it clear that Shanghai will explore expanding financing channels in the elderly housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance, encourage the development of various types of pension services insurance products. Shi Xiaolin said yesterday that the Commission has been in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Wuhan Housing Endowment pilot , but there were problems during the operation , including 70-year price fluctuations and housing rights issues. Currently, Shanghai elderly housing reverse mortgages pension rules still further refinement.

Shanghai will introduce a " pension agency fee approach" Public pension institutions is determined by the government guidance ; private pension institutions , the implementation of market pricing , charging all in the open . Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau yesterday Shi Xiaolin guest " 2014 Shanghai Minsheng interview ," answered the pension -related questions. She also revealed that Shanghai this year will be difficult to achieve in a medical institution personnel real-time settlement of medical expenses , the " post- bailout " to " something in the rescue ."

Pension institutions will have a standard fee

Shanghai has become an aging city depth , Shi Xiaolin yesterday guest " livelihood interview ," answered the first question is that the pension problem.施小琳said that the proportion of the elderly population in Shanghai has been much higher than the national average of nearly 15% .

" In order to meet the aspirations of the majority of home care for the elderly , Shanghai has built a 40 old pilot livable communities , and are combing the elderly needs, services, facilities , personnel, policy mechanisms , such as ' five list ' on the basis of , this year will focus on the community to help build both meals , day care services for the elderly and other functions of the complex, to create a platform for the old service information , push a number of facilities and programs for the elderly services , foster care services to organizations and teams . " Shi Xiaolin said that if the list of the five built in livable communities can form a better service support.

Shi Xiaolin said, " pension agency fee approach" will be introduced . Future , the government -run pension agency ; pricing among the county 's newly established pension institutions into districts ; -profit organization of social capital endowment founded in cost accounting , auditing public premise , the implementation of market pricing .

This does not mean that charges prices, but in the light of all charges . Government disability , dementia , old age pension institutions for the elderly stay in subsistence allowances, to subsidize low-income people.

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900 properties went into the market this week indian summer may appear again

InterShanghai data monitoring center statistics as of April 10 , this weekend in the ( 4.12-4.13 ) , Shanghai is expected to have eight residential projects opened or push , push a total of nearly 900 housing units. This weekend is expected to have a commercial and residential projects coming into the market.

InterShanghai Real Estate data monitoring center analyst Wu Hang Bo said that the recent focus on improving the type of real estate market , to the rate of good , which makes developers to strengthen confidence in the high-end residential market . The affected property and banks tightened lending policies , to a considerable extent delayed just need buyers purchase plans , but smaller buyers to improve the type of impact . Thus , in March and April , and again become the property listings to improve the type of protagonist. The property market "price theory" make the most buyers just need to wait and see attitude , which makes heavy volume in March and April just need housing slow.

This weekend the market 's eight projects, five projects main push to improve the type of housing, accounting for over Liu Cheng. Push plate areas are mainly concentrated in the Pudong , Jiading two hot plates. Central, which is located in Pudong and Pudong Yanlord Shankland Nga green Zhou Kang Dong Shanghai will launch a large area of ​​the four- room apartment . The pre- selling the silk will launch 88 Cottage Villas 2 bedroom flat , quoted at 20,000 / square or less.

Source: Shanghai found room data monitoring center

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Shanghai housing prices is at the turning point

Property price of wind blowing , it seems there is a prairie fire . There are a lot of friends in beating the drums , and when it can be swept Shanghai stock price surge , a dream round their purchase . At least so far , Shanghai has not yet made ​​a significant developer of price action . This allows small series in the face of " prices down ," the hot topic of the moment , with a sense of distance , seems to be standing on the sidelines.

  Lie is not really fire to the market so that developers can close their eyes irrational prices, but price " Dikaigaozou " this move , the developers have been using for years . Thus, for prices, they need to look rational . Xiao Bian patiently cite two examples.

Tang Town, Pudong is located in a high-end projects this year, first opened on March 8 , according to public information , the project had 4.2 million foreign quote / set , while the actual price of the publicity on the opening day of mostly marketing control table 370 - 3,800,000 / sets, and even the highest opening day 97 % discount . Sales also said that this project really belongs to a lower open.

But now the Shanghai real estate circles , there are already a lot of people in this bearish market . "Compared with last year, a lot of cold ," this sentence, circulated among peers .

Developers, sales staff has been a loyal supporter of the property market. Whenever possible, so they will tell buyers : "Come buy Shanghai property market how the price might be our next batch will house prices, we have no room for price cuts . ."

This is a true lie. Truth is , they really have gone up, which is a fact that allows buyers helpless . In explaining the reasons for the developer prices , the most righteous thing : first-tier cities like Shanghai , the market then fire , falling house prices can not have the space.


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Jingan district take the lead in copying the model of the free trad area

Jing'an District, will be the first in the city to encourage exploration inventory management, promote trade facilitation, the future of international brands and new products are expected in New York , Paris and other international cities like simultaneous launch in Jing'an District . This is a reporter comprehensive deepening of reform leading group held yesterday in Jing'an District ( enlarged) meeting on information learned.

It is understood Jing'an District Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has signed a memorandum of cooperation Inspection Management Services, and in Jing'an District, spearheaded the pre-assessment quality clothing imports pilot . Currently Christian Dior , Prada, Alfred Dunhill, Ferragamo , Burberry and Louis Vuitton six brands, has made Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection of imported QOS pre- qualification assessment of pilot enterprises , speed up product the clearance rate , effectively reducing the operating costs.

Jing'an District, aims to deepen the reform of the mid- 2016 , further establishing the concept of government services , improve the efficiency of government services ; further optimize the internationalization of markets and the legal environment ; further enhance the vitality of economic and social development ; further consolidate and enhance the city 's comprehensive competitiveness and influence to achieve more equitable development outcomes more benefit the region's people.

The conference announced the establishment of comprehensive deepening reform of Shanghai Jing'an District leadership team , currently the leading group had been considered by the reform of 2014 , Jing'an District, the overall program . 2014 will focus on the encouragement of the establishment of a list of features with Jing'an management and service concept, active replication FTA system reform and innovation experience , according to the pilot reform , urban strategic cooperation in key areas , key municipal authority delegated principle , and soon , it will start the 23 intensive introduction of reform measures .

Jing'an District Party Secretary Sun Jianping revealed at the Jing'an District of Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Commerce Committee is exploring the establishment of a more convenient and efficient system of inspection of imported goods in clothing, cosmetics and other fields. In the future , in line with the conditions before the new market multinationals can provide samples , and samples as long as the new agreement , which could be directly approved.

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The second housing market is nonthing special and the housing prices in Gu Cun,Nan Xiang start to reduce the price

Yesterday, the Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Shanghai and Zhong Yuan Real Estate Research Advisory informed that the recent second-hand housing market, mediocre , mid-March , the Jiading Nanxiang , Baoshan Gu Village , plate number of new disk into the market , because of competitive pressures, at least Sancheng more than clear that the second-hand housing owners can bargain , some owners even directly lower the listing price when listed.

Shanghai Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Advisory Senior Fellow Lu Wenxi believe that second-hand housing stock prices are easily affected by the landlord personally popular will and the degree of market prices artificially high is more prevalent . And now the " bargain " price of the real process is the return process. Hand houses had diverted some buyers want to buy a second-hand housing . Thus , second-hand housing price is the inevitable result of market competition . Thus anticipation, price contributed to the intersection into the mainstream market for some time , but the decline may be widened.

Shanghai Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Advisory Baoshan Gu village from a number plate Centaline branches investigation learned that since March , the chip area listing price of second-hand housing areas to loosen , many landlords in listed Shihai specifically reminded the clerk , "If buyers want to buy , the price can also talk about " the kind words. This is totally subversive practice before the landlord without strong bargaining . Chinese Commercial News reporter Le Jiedao , years ago, there are sets of language leaves Poly 4 123 m2 of housing stock , the listing price was $ 3.1 million last week , the owners take the initiative to reduce the price to 288 yuan, and said that as long as the customer has intention , the price can be discussed. The listing price of similar products currently on the market basically around 300 million.

Jiading Nanxiang sector also similar situations , as in the recent times a new disc plate in one hand , many buyers shunt , so to bring a lot of pressure on the secondary market , in March the second half of the chip area hand housing transaction prices to promote the deal proportion accounted for about 50-60%.

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