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  08-26-2014 | Category: News Only In Shanghai

The initiative,21 Hundred years Commercial enterprise Herald Announced, citing an Business
analyst. At the Instant, only Individuals undergoing transactions are Ordinarily cIn excess ofed, the Magazine
Mentioned. when Totally implemented, is Anticipated to Get away from Major Effect In excess of the
Nation's Authentic ePoint out Industry as it will Let the gIn excess ofnment to Observe Lower all Components in the
Industry when imposing austerity Actions.

Recommendation or Suggestions can be Despatched to a designated Web page, or by
mails and Electronic mails, the Legislative Relationships Workplace of the State Council Mentioned in a Point outment Placed
Currently on its Web page.China is soliciting Community Thoughts on a proposed guideline for Authentic ePoint out Enrollment as Portion
of its Hard work to Generate a unified Program Exactly where Point out, province, Town and county Degree
gIn excess ofnments will be In a position to Reveal Authentic-time Information and facts.

From now on Until Sept 15

In accordance to the proposed guideline for Authentic ePoint out Enrollment, the Possession as Nicely as other
Lawful Information and facts With regards to Authentic ePoint out, which Involves Territory, maritime Room, Properties and
forests, Will need to all be registered with Selected Enrollment Agencies.



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