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“My client peter mixed lots of old with new in the his home. The old teal leather wingback chair, for example,was paired with the modern Chesterfield velvet sofa and a metallic finished, reclaimed-wood coffee table,” she said. “It works wonderfully together.”Buying older furniture is an affordable way to style a space. Source: Cure Design Group

Bold entry

CURE Jacobi Entry

The client wanted something over the top and unexpected in the entry of her home.A unique chevron pattern was painted directly on the wall.            

From: Cure Design Group

“I think your entry sets the tone for your home. It definitely leads you into the rest of the loft and brings all the other spaces together,” My client said. “This entry is fun, funky and unexpected.”


The entryway’s bold walls also become the focal point no additional art needed.The chevron pattern continues along the loft’s entry hallway.   Source: Cure Design Group

Cloful design


Client’s tip for using color in a space? Have fun, but don’t paint every room a color of the rainbow.

“It needs to be cohesive and complement [other elements] to work,” she explained.

A good silver shelving unit stands out against the black wall. Source:InterShanghai Design Group

The client had fun with color, pairing gray furniture with pillows and a rug in pinks and purples. The black painted wall is a modern and neutral backdrop for the collection of accessories.

Mix culture

In this case, the client sourced a lot of finds from antique stores.A successful room design often mixes items from a variety of places.

4 jacobi
The client want a place that reflected her personality and would be fun to plunge herself in, but she wasn’t so over the top that she couldn’t relax herself and ready when the time came,”explained designer Megan Dunkmann of the. Dunkmann was tasked with designing a loft that would be bright and fun but still practical for everyday living.The client said. I mixed new things with real antiques, as well as mixed some major color, to create a young,approachable space.The landlord was a woman in an international school


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