Put themselves
  07-04-2013 | Category: World News

Young star with hope smile on her own shoulder bag, to the south of the bus station! At this time the weather has been dusk, street lights, just count the time, is estimated to be home evening at eight, if we do not hurry up, my mother to worry about that!

On the road, being anxious to run the Young Stars suddenly feel so several shadows, various body light flashing, holding sticks and stones and the like punching yourself from, alarmed.

These people came to Young Stars in front demur, hunting with a straight face, raising his hand will have to play.

Gloomy, the Young Stars Who could not see coming, but does not make them so put themselves to the fight, Leng Heng, fiercely a punch to punch people in the most dyed yellow hair before a person's nose, suddenly , Rattus squatting on the ground clutching his nose, Guikulanghao, blood flow out along the finger joints.

Shining knife sticks in the dark under the lights shining coldness, like these animals and Young star with hatred in general, with a scowl, desperately waving arms, Young Star this year, mostly in school exercise is brute force, only a 'gas gathering Fist', is to allow the base section trainees restrained better cohesion light, this is like fitness coach boxing muscles in general, but useless, but times of emergency, no other technical support Yun He has this boxing better than nothing!

Bang punch, knocked to the ground again after an animal



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