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  07-02-2013 | Category: World News

Although the idea of ​​holy sages hole in today's society is no longer as sought after by others, as in ancient times, but the heritage of millennia hole family also has been flourished, Huaxia Guo dominated the entire education sector power, although the strength a lot of difference with the other three families, but the other three family wants to shake Kong's status is not so easy. Huaxia Guo hole family occupy the entire Yanzhou, and in accordance with the ancient times the distance between the holes in the architectural style of holy sages House, which is adjacent to where the Confucius Temple built a vast estate, the family of the people are living here, antiquity ancient manor seemingly harmonious, but which still has a very discordant place. Kong family who not only built their manor ancient weathering, and in order to commemorate the holy patriarchs holes, even usual dress is ancient look. And more serious is the strict implementation of the hole within the family respected holy sages ritual law system, so that family and Bastard Dizi treatment between naturally vary widely.



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