Sitting in front
  07-02-2013 | Category: World News

the cause of death as acid corrosion, as a federal police, he performed outside all year round to the federal task force of strength even Young Star, also lost its way acidic erosion, year after year after year, the disease finally defeated Yang Li's will! In death, even the bodies were brought back was no direct cremation, young Young Stars only see a box casket!

Fortunately, the federal made a pension, and that makes his mother Liu Yan and Yang can eke out their livelihood!

Young Star home is located in the Federal District, 64, is a slum in general exist, the thought of his mother, Young Star and not their own, came seven Academy has been a year already, but has not yet reached extroverted segment capacity, which if told her She should the more sad!

Home without other men, only Liu Yan, a person, a day dedicated, physically and mentally exhausted, just after middle age, has been a bit old, so very little filial Young Star harsh, after thinking it over, think it is telling that he did not reach the outer light put things segment, so she was inviting worry!

The road home! Mom may have been eagerly looking forward to sitting in front of a!



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