The special tape
  07-01-2013 | Category: World News

so let Dean Young Stars more attention solemn note, look Seventh Star will show what power, but let Yang Xingyu boring is the seventh star this year in His hands particularly quiet, without any exposure to the meaning of its ability, sometimes, Young Star will even forget it's there.

The shape of a skull tattoo cover up actually has two meanings, one is to deceive the public not to let anyone find Seventh Star secular! Secondly, in order to prevent evil and federal 'tara' disassociate themselves.

"Federal presence of evil organization 'tara', they will have large and small internal member body tattoos, which they would within the culture, so only out of a federation so that ordinary people do not tattoo command if your tattoo is others see, if someone reported that anyone not protect you! And your tattoos and extremely special, with the common method simply can not be eliminated, so I just thought of a such a way, do not worry, I can study the special tape and skin become one color, they do not look thin, no one can see that! "

This is Alice's words, only 16 years of age Young Star Sidongfeidong, but he understood the 'evil' represent the meaning of the word!

After leaving the hostel to pack things before, Young Star practices worn around the neck pulled his father portrait, lovingly touched, and then gently Qinliaoyikou, this plug back clothes, continue to hang around my neck.

Young star's father, Yang Li in his four years old when he died



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