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We imagined, said impatiently Kuaiqukuaihui! But that guy spent half an hour on the outside yet come in, San Queyi half an hour, a few people anxious something, say that this guy could not pull out of constipation, but maybe it is collapsed in the bathroom the. So he sent to the toilet exploration, went in and saw where it was? We had to split up tracing, I thought, really, a bubble happiness to everyone Urine Urine gone! Later in the home side found a widow, that guy is room merry race immortal. Woman calls also pass out. Three people suddenly realized that the urine is such happiness pull ...... With this intention, Xiao leap laughing, and immediately had to urinate, hearts sighed, if able to pull a happy urinary much good! Xiao leap quickened his pace home, PLANT RESOURCES doing the dishes, it appears that she and her son Zuolin have dined. "Come back? Eat yet?" PLANT RESOURCES asked. Xiao leap too silent, went to the kitchen, approached PLANT RESOURCES clinging to the room she wanted to pull. "I'm busy right now!" PLANT RESOURCES very surprised and very happy, she said softly.



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