active muscles
  06-20-2013 | Category: News Only In Shanghai

"Well, I'm very familiar with, and you do! Why would I tell you!" Jackie looked outside, low voice, angrily: "You are evil wood teachings and all the evil beast beast Wicked domain is not a good thing, Sooner or later the Lansing Guardian found that when the time comes to an end all you two. "

Young star smile a cry, and shook his head, stood up and activity of the active muscles, this and said: "Come on!"

"Go?" Jackie shocked, asked: "Where?"

"Leaving here ah!" Young Star said: "We do not know how you were imprisoned, but my soft-hearted person, and wood method to teach people not harm me shallow, since you cursed wood teachings, it shows and they are not a group, then I have saved your reasons, but for just hear those long-haired strange to say your name, I'm afraid I would have turned him halfway dry, a man escaped! "

"Did not you say you are wood method to teach people what, how they hurt you not shallow? You came a long time, how they hurt you?" Jackie asked cautiously.

Young Star smiled, hand a bomb, a green 'healing spirit leaves' fly to the fingertip, and said: "Now understand?"

Jackie stunned for a while and then suddenly dawned



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