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Subject:Yanlord Gardens for Rent

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You are at: Apartment - Pudong
   Property ID:   Apt102498
   District:    Pudong
   Bedroom number:   4
   Size:   242 sqm
   Bathroom:   3
   Rental:    42000
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Compound Infomation:
Location: Located on Pu Cheng road by Shang Cheng road.Residents enjoy the excellent view of Lujiazui CBD.10 miniutes to Line 2 Dong Chang road station.

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, sauna, spa, tennis, golf driving range, restaurants, function rooms.

Feature: YanlordGardenis a well-known high-class apartment complex. Set in a beautiful central garden,the property consists of low-rise and high-rise buildings and provides a large variety of layouts. Courtyard is expansive with abundant green trees,bushes,and flowers.Area is secure and peaceful.Residents with pets and children will want to live here.Close to shopping and dining and major roads.All apartments belong to private owners,with modern designs & high standard decorations.A professional property management company provides good security,services and onsite sports facilities.
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