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Subject:Shimao Riviera Garden for Rent

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You are at: Apartment - Pudong
   Property ID:   Apt53261
   District:    Pudong
   Bedroom number:   2
   Size:   130 sqm
   Bathroom:   2
   Rental:    16000
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Compound Infomation:
Location: Located on West Wei Fang road by Puchen road.Located 10 min west of the Grand Hyatt Hotel,10 mins driving distance to Nanpu Bridge.

Indoor/outdoor swimingpool,squash,gym,coffee bar,tennis court and children's playroom.

Feature: It is consists of 8 high-rise residential towers.The compound features three clubhouses,a large green garden area with lakes. The first phase of the development was completed in 2002.This high residential tower has 53 storeys in total.It is located on the side of Huangpu River,commanding panoramic views across the river to the Bund. The apartments belong to individual landlords. Most of them have fantastic river views & modern designs.
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