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Subject:River House for Rent

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You are at: Apartment - Huangpu
   Property ID:   Apt48998
   District:    Huangpu
   Bedroom number:   2
   Size:   150 sqm
   Bathroom:   2
   Rental:    18000
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Compound Infomation:
Location: Located on Nan Su Zhou road by Xi Zang Nan road.80 meters from People's Square also with the easy access to the Bund and East Nan Jing road.Easy access to Line 8.


Feature: River House a service apartment was build on 2009 owned by Hines, one of the world’s largest private real estate developers. Since 1957, Hines has developed an excellent reputation for quality and created more than 22 million square meters of space in more than 96 cities around the world.Each floor has 5 lifts and 12 units.The units can enjoy the view of the People's Square and Oriental Pearl TV Tower or the Suzhou River.Each room has the central A/C.Hanging Garden is on the 6 floor.
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