Hongqiao Airport  
Description: Though mainly handling the domestic flights, it functions as a standby airport of international flights, in case the Pudong International Airport closed because of dense fog or other reasons.
Location: 2550 Hongqiao Lu
Tel: 5114-6655
Useful numbers
Passenger flight information: 6268-3659, 6268-8918
Lost and found: 5114-2071
Transport of getting to and from the airport
Hongqiao airport is about 10 kilometers west of the downtown, much closer to the city center than Pudong Airport.
Metro line 2
Only Metro Line 2 ends at and start from Songhong Rd., then you may take taxi to the airport.
Taxi is also available
Shuttle bus Line 1
Runs between the two airports, with the one-way fare 30yuan, and at intervals about 10 minutes.
Hongqiao Airport special line
From Hongqiao airport to the intersection of Changde Road and Nanjing Road W. (near Jing'an Temple). It's an express line and a one-way trip costs 4 yuan.
No.806, No.807, No.925, No.938, No.941. 
No. 806: These buses run from Hongqiao airport to the Lupu Bridge between 6am and 9:30pm at intervals of five to 15 minutes. The line also has a stop at Xujiahui, and the whole trip costs 5 yuan.
No. 807: These buses operate between 6am and 9:30pm from Hongqiao airport to the Zhenguang New Village in Putuo District. Fare is 4 yuan.
No. 925: Most of the route is along Yang'an Road and the buses link Hongqiao airport and People's Square between 6am and 9pm. Fare is 4 yuan.
No. 938: These buses run from Hongqiao airport to Yangjiadu in Pudong at intervals of five to 15 minutes, and the one-way fare is 7 yuan. This service operates from 6am until the arrival of the last passenger flight.
No. 941: Linking Hongqiao airport and Shanghai Railway Station, the line runs from 6:30am to 8:30pm and costs 4 yuan. Interval between services is 10 to 12 minutes.

Airport Shuttle Service
Eight airport shuttle bus lines link Pudong airport, Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai's major resorts or transport hub.
Line 1: From Pudong airport to Hongqiao airport.
Express buses leave Pudong every 10 minutes between 7am and 11pm and the one-way fare is 30 yuan (US$3.74). The service from Hongqiao to Pudong operates from 6am to 9pm.
Line 2: From Pudong airport to the City Air Terminal (near Jing'an Temple).
This is also an express line and a one-way trip will cost 19 yuan. Buses leave every 10 minutes at peak times, but the off-peak interval will be longer. Buses from Pudong operate from 7:20am to 11pm. The first bus from the City Air Terminal to Pudong leaves at 6am and the last at 9:30pm.
Line 3: From Pudong airport to the Galaxy Hotel (No. 888 Zhongshan Road W., near Yan'an Road W.)
These buses stop at Xujiahui (link to Shopping), Dapuqiao (in Luwan District), and Longyang Road Station on Metro Line No. 2, which is also the maglev train station. The maximum one-way fare is 20 yuan and buses run every 15 to 20 minutes. The service from Pudong operates from 7am to 11pm and from the Galaxy Hotel from 5:30am to 8pm.
Line 4: From Pudong International Airport to the Hongkou Football Stadium (near SISU)
If you're going to northeastern Shanghai, you can take this line, which will also stop at Deping Road in Pudong, and Wujiaochang (near Fudan University) and Da Baishu in Puxi. A one-way ticket for the entire route costs 18 yuan, and the service interval is 15 minutes. Buses leave Pudong from 7:20am to 11pm and Hongkou from 5:40am to 9pm.
Line 5: From Pudong airport to Shanghai Railway Station.
These buses stop at People's Square, the Oriental Hospital and Luoshan Road in Pudong. Maximum fare is 18 yuan, and there is a service every 15 minutes. The first bus leaves Pudong airport at 7:20am and the last at 11pm. The service from Shanghai Railway Station begins at 5:30am and ends at 9pm.
Line 6: From Pudong airport to Zhongshan Park.
This line has stops at the Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Longyang Road and Dongfang Road in Pudong, and Laoximen and Huashan Road (near Jing'an Temple) in Puxi. A one-way trip costs up to 20 yuan. Buses from Pudong run every 20 to 30 minutes from 7:35am to 11pm. The first bus leaves the park for Pudong at 6am and the last at 8pm.
Line 7: From Pudong airport to Shanghai South Railway Station.
The whole one-way journey costs 20 yuan. Buses from Pudong operate from 7:50am to 11pm and from Dongfang Road from 6:50am to 9:30pm, with an interval of 30 minutes.
Line 8: This line has three routes.
The normal one has 19 stops between Pudong airport and Lingang New City near the Yangshan Deep-Water Port. It costs 16 yuan to travel the whole line one way. Buses from the airport run every two hours from 8am to 6pm and the service from Lingang operates from 6am to 4pm.
The other two routes are shorter. One is between Nanhui Dongmen and Pudong airport. The whole trip costs 6 yuan. Buses from the airport operate from 8:30am to 7:30pm and those from Nanhui between 6:30am and 6:35pm. Buses run every 30 to 60 minutes.
The other one has six stops between Pudong airport and Shiwan Town. The line, of which a one-way trip costs 4 yuan, has only two services in the morning every day. Buses leave Pudong airport at 7:05am and 7:50am and Shiwan Town at 7:25am and 8:20am.
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