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Subject:Central Park for Rent

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You are at: Apartment - Luwan
   Property ID:   Apt102332
   District:    Luwan
   Bedroom number:   3
   Size:   222 sqm
   Bathroom:   2
   Rental:    26000
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Compound Infomation:
Location: Located on Tao Yuan road by Liu Lin road.The area is 15 mins walking distance to People square and Xin Tian Di.

Indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna.

Feature: Central Park is near to the Time Square shopping mall with 2 buildings of 29 storery and 1 building of 18 storery. It was completed in 2005.Each apartment is decorated luxury with private lift, and part of the penthouses is equipped with suspending swimming pool and garden.The residents are offered a small onsite clubhouse. Lobby is wide and nicely decorated.
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